Liv On Wilkie Units Distribution Chart

Liv On Wilkie Units Mix

Type Size (sqft) No of Units
1 Bedroom 452 13
2 Bedroom Dual Key 527- 603 41
3 Bedroom 732 - 743 13

Liv On Wilkie Floor Plans

1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom Dual Key

The ingenious dual-key concept gives you the privilege of owning 2 luxurious city residences at once. Resembling 2 units connected by a common foyer, dual-key apartments safeguard your privacy while keeping your extended family close to you.

For astute investors, this is the key to optimising your investment returns. Select your preferred abode and rent out the other without infringing on your personal space. The dual-key apartment even allows you to rent out both abodes as individual units to double your profits.

3 Bedroom