Liv On Wilkie Site Plan

  • Swimming Pool
  • Water Feature
  • Water Jet
  • Sun Deck
  • Dining Pavilion / BBQ
  • Reading Patio
  • Fitness Loft

Liv on Wilkie Facilities

Discover the glamorous lifestyle craved by many and let them envy

The exclusive 7-storey single block development envelopes residents within a melting pot of modern comforts. Comprising 81 plush apartments with a wide selection of types and layouts, Liv on Wilkie stands proudly as an insignia of one who has entered the prime of his life.

Enjoy a refreshing wellness-centered ambience, in the vivacious metropolis. Take a breather from it all without stepping out of the bustling neighbourhood. This is the new benchmark of urban living.

After a day of hard work and play, Liv on Wilkie welcomes you into the world of inviting pleasures. Each stunning apartment is cleverly fitted for maximum space usage that creates a comfortable uncluttered living space.