The different types of units that can be seen withing Lake-Life are as follow 2 to 5-bedroom and penthouse. The dimension wide range for these units begins at 743 sqm such ash as 1711 sqm. Other than these elegantly developed units, residents of Lake Life can appreciate the various centers inside the job like swimming pool, fitness center, sky pavilion...

Lake Life EC Unit Mix

Unit Type No. of Units Floor Area (sqft)
2-Bedroom 28 743sqft, 969(P)
3-Bedroom 85 1,023 -1,119sqft 1,066(P), 1,049 (P)
3-Bedroom (premium) 144 1,087 - 1,206sqft 1,302(P), 1,324(P)
3-Bedroom Penthouse 6 1,711 - 1,722sqft
4-Bedroom 76 1,195 - 1,435sqft 1,496(P), 1,453(P)
4-Bedroom (premium) 182 1,249 - 1,345sqft 1,432(P), 1,464(P), 1,485(P), 1,507(P)
4-Bedroom Penthouse 6 1,680 - 1,701sqft
5-Bedroom 19 1,604sqft, 1711(P)

Typical Unit @ Lake Life