Kingsford Hillview Site Plan

Waterscape Facilities

Home for the Fitness Enthusiast

As Hillview Peak is in the nature reserve area, it provides good air quality; a better place to live the active lifestyle for those who are always maintaining good fitness, where age is just a number.

Indeed a place for healthy living

A great place to rejuvenate one's health. One that encourages healthy lifestyle... with good quality amenities of readily prepared healthy food to freshly produced from nearby wet & supermarkets to nourish and recover the body after all that physical activities.

Home to experience tranquility

Living in the forested area with gardens, floating landscape & waterfalls provides nature's healing power of tranquility and peace. A place where we could connect to our being, the Universal source of our creation.

Nurture balanced lifestyle

Whichever way you look at the balance, whether it is ying & yang or balanced of work & play - This is a great place to define a rich lifestyle. Where you achieve wellness through enrichment of the body, mind and spirit.