Rezi 3Two Layout

Site Plan



Lower 1st Storey

A - Management Office

B - Bin Centre

C - Electrical Substation

D - Covered Car Parking Facilities

Upper 1st Storey / 2nd Storey

D - Covered Car Parking Facilities

3rd Storey

E - Leisure Pool

F - Gymnasium BBQ

G - Sun Deck

H - Sky Terrace - Gourmet Dining/ Spa Alcove

J - Toilet

K - Consumer Switch Room

6th Storey

I - Sky Terrace / Terrace Lounge/ Outdoor Gym

Your exemplary haven A
lets you explore bold new perspectives.



6th Storey – Wellness Patio


3rd Storey – Entertainment Patio

From time to time, claim yourself a private corner at the Sky Terraces on Levels 3 and 6. Enjoy me-time moments on the Wellness Patio at the Outdoor Gym and Terrace Lounge. Pamper yourself on the Entertainment Patio at the Spa Alcove or serve up a romantic dinner at the Gourmet Dining area.

Your flamboyant springboard 
to rest, relaxation and recreation.





Give in to indulgence all day long with 2 exciting decks of comprehensive facilities. Get away from your daily grind on level 3, from working up a happy buzz at the indoor gym, to splashing around in the leisure pool and soaking up happiness on the sun deck.


Your tranquil haven 
amidst the vibrant urban bustle.


Private and quiet at the edge of Guillemard with city dazzle just steps away, serenity becomes you at Rezi 3Two, a refreshing sanctuary for your contemporary lifestyle.