OPERA developed by Golden Age Group

Established in 2006, Golden Age Property currently has a collection of over AUD$3 billion in completed and upcoming projects, spanning the residential and commercial sectors of Melbourne and Sydney.

As the breadth of our skills has grown, Golden Age Property has diversified to provide broad expertise in property management services. We are driven to continue expanding nationally, developing opportunities of the highest caliber and delivering design-led products of exemplary quality.caliber and delivering design-led products of exemplary quality.

In the last decade, Golden Age Property has delivered some of Australia’s most ambitious and innovative projects to date.

Our experienced and dedicated team of property professionals has continually demonstrated the ability to deliver through-the-line services for each stage of a property’s lifecycle.

We are proud to collaborate with the industry’s finest and most innovative architects, designers and specialist consultants to ensure the vision of each project is fully realised and attention is given to every detail.

Our success in delivering on this promise has positioned us as a trusted and loyal industry leader in the Australian property development sector.