Novelty Bizcentre also gives you endless possibilities for customization, Personalise the number of air-conditions, lights and blinds you can control, depending on your preferred circuit installation. You can set up your personal choice of switch design to coordinate with your unit’s interior furnishings.

Besides JUNG, you also have the flexibility to select your own EIB brands to customize your level of control. Simply purchase the switches and application, and set up the wiring work to enjoy the benefits of EIB.

Novelty Bizcentre Site Plan

1. Heated Jacuzzi
2. Aqua Gym Pool
3. Steam Room
4. Gym
5. BBQ Area & Dining Area
6. Sun Deck
7. Wading Pool

8. Swimming Pool
9. Jacuzzi
10. Chill-out Lounge
11. TV Lounge
12. Aromatic Garden
13. Reflective Pool & Feature Tree
14. Lounge Bar

Sky Terrace

More than just a business space, Novelty Bizcentre houses a wide range of amenities in the Sky Terrace including a BBQ area, swimming pool, gym, outdoor jacuzzi, lounge bar and outdoor dining area that optimize the work-play concept. It serves as an ideal location for housing private family functions and unwinding with friends even on non-working days. Wireless network is available at the Sky Terrace. Novelty Bizcentre comprises abundance holistic amenities that enhance your well-being, improved wellness translates to a sharper mind Your most valuable investment.

Work-Life Balance

Lined with water features and refreshing lush greenery, Novelty Bizcentre comprises abundance holistic amenities that enhance your well-being. Improved wellness translates to a sharper mind-your most valuable investment.