Top Global is a property Group with the people and passion to develop homes that resonate with our hearts and meet the aspirations of our minds. It aims to position itself as a premier lifestyle property Group that delivers distinctive products for discerning home buyers.

The Group is helmed by Mdm Sukmawati, one of Asia's most influential business pioneers. She has four decades of expertise and experience in various business segments including agriculture, palm oil, and finance. In the real estate and property development sector, some of the more notable projects include BSD City, a city-based community that started development in the 1980s. Mdm Sukma was the driving force behind the master plan for the whole satellite city which houses residential, business and commercial properties. Other creditable developments are Plaza BII in Jakarta, Rancamaya Golf & Country Estate Project in Indonesia and The Bund Centre in Shanghai, China.

Under her leadership, the Group aspires to develop homes for a concept-driven lifestyle through a meticulous blend of architectural and landscape design, meeting the evolving expectations of homeowners.