About SC Asset Corporation

SC ASSET CORPORATION PLC. is a leading full-service real estate development corporation in Thailand. We started our business from managing successful office buildings rental, and expand to residential project development from 2003 onwards.

We dedicate our focus on developing high-quality products in all categories, from single detached houses, townhomes, condominiums and home offices. As well as our after sale services in resale and leasing, plus efficient 24-hour maintenance service.

To deliver the joy to all our homeowners in SC FAMILY, we have designed events and activities for every SC ASSET projects, because "we believe that a home is more than just a house, but the beginning of a good future".

Through time, SC ASSET has always been warmly entrusted from our homeowners because our focus is the belief that the needs of homeowners are always changing, and that we are willing to adapt to them in the future. Our progress can be seen in more than 30 projects, under SC ASSET's 5 principles of perfection.

Vision: Thailand’s leading full-service real estate development corporation.

Mission: A real estate development corporation with perfection for commitment to clients’ satisfaction and attention to every detail.

Some prestigious projects