The Quinn also houses communal facilities for enjoyment such as gymnasium, swimming pool, playground, BBQ pit, lily pond, courtyard, Jacuzzi, sun deck, open pavilion and a whole lot more.

The Quinn Site Plan

Facilities @ The Quinn

Experience holistic living as you wind down and enjoy the conveniently appointed amenities, located by design amidst calm pools of water and heady floral fragrances. Relax to the verdant views that surround you and enjoy the balmy breezes that aid in the creation of pleasurable memories.

Indulge in Serenity

Be reinvigorated by your luscious surroundings at The Quinn. Refresh and nourish your mind, body and soul amid fragrant flora and peaceful ponds. Relax in the lulling calm, or work off all tension to a verdant view at the stunning open concept gymnasium.

Enjoy the Repose

The stage is set for tranquillity and leisure. Pristine ponds flank an idyllic lap pool while bamboo gardens offer leafy sanctuary from the tropics. Choice units present exclusive access to the pool directly from their private living space, while others enjoy spacious patios overlooking the gardens from which to relish the balmy evening breeze.

Celebrate the Moments

Create rich memories of delight and pleasure with your loved ones in tastefully-designed and elegant communal spaces. Celebrate extravagantly the events that enrich life while sharing the luxury of your home with family and friends.

Soak up the City

Savor mesmerizing views from the rooftop jacuzzi as warm, therapeutic bubbling waters melt away your cares. This is also the perfect spot to recline, soak up the rays and catch up on your glowing tan.

Explore the Orient

Each lift lobby sits within an exclusive courtyard, embellished by hanging greenery and chic monochromatic tiles. Be inspired by the rich Indochine tradition and cultural essences as you wind down with a friend over tea. Share an intimate tête-à-tête and drink in pleasurable moments of peace and respite while feeling right at home.

Inviting and inspiring interiors create an aura of charm in living spaces into which you will gladly welcome family and friends. Take pride in the harmonious appeal of luxurious finishes, contemporary fittings and understated classic accents and derive pleasure by adding accents of your own unique tastes.

Luxuriate in Beauty

Gorgeous iconic French windows frame your world at The Quinn. Add personal touches to European enchantment, and adorn the spacious living room with delicate Indochine accents where you will welcome your delighted guests. Units featuring French windows that seamlessly open up to lavish balconies are available to the discerning few.

Relax in Sophistication

Spacious and contemporary, your bedroom is your personal enclave for stolen moments of private reverie, restful slumber and cherished spells of romance with that special someone.

Revel in Comfort

Luxurious fittings, in a practical, well-planned space, are enhanced by careful detailing within the stylish finishing. Mosaic black and white tiles are artfully combined in geometric motifs with elaborate, classic accents for a harmonious appeal.

Ignite Culinary Passion

Take pleasure in a kitchen that will inspire and illuminate your culinary aspirations. The efficient cooking space with contemporary fittings, classic groove line accents and quality appliances will make every creative minute spent extraordinary.