There are many amenities that will appeal to residents. Individuals who are looking for ways to stay in shape will enjoy the tennis court, swimming pool and gym. Individuals who want to relax and unwind at the end of the day will enjoy the sauna facilities and the beautifully landscaped gardens that stretch all through the complex. There is also extensive room to sun yourself and to relax on the decks which stretch alongside the pool and various water features as well. The units are spacious and finished to a high standard that will appeal to even the choosiest residents.

The Skywoods Site Plan

Embrace sheer luxury amidst greenery

Tucked away in its own tranquil corner of Dairy Farm Road, The SkyWoods promises superb views of the pristine forests nearby, together with a luxurious, holistic and balanced lifestyle unlike any other. Well-planned, fully-optimised layouts within ensure privacy, functionality and the utmost luxury. With such supreme comfort and the awesome greenery beyond your walls framing every minute here, you’ll find a home simply irresistible.

Welcome to the epitome of rich, holistic living

Inspired by a contemporary interpretation of floating lodges suspended amidst the trees, every unit here is designed to blend the fresh and vast environs of the outdoors with the warmth and privacy of a truly personal abode. With six 15-storey towers strategically placed within expansive grounds, a wide variety of units to pique your interest, as well as 6 wonderful lifestyle zones to engage your senses, The SkyWoods is just the oasis you wanted.