Palms @ Sixth Avenue unique and elegant residence blends modern contemporary styling with added character of clean-cut creation. Architecture concrete plinth walls with glass windows offer a one of a kind sculpture element to the dramatic entry to your home. Quality features include exceptionally tall walls of glass and state of art kitchen and bath, ideally complimented by professionally landscaped ground an expansive patio lawn and private pool.

Palms @ Sixth Avenue Site Plan

Palms @ Sixth Avenue Facilities

Relaxation at your convenience with exclusive living become reality with a pool in every house. Distress after a hard day work at the office with a soothing dip in your very own pool or entertain family and friends at your private roof terrace. Every houses Palms @ Sixth Avenue also comes with a private home lift for extra indulgence. Welcome to Palms @ Sixth Avenue.

The romance of your desert oasis

Discover a seductive green oasis that charms and draws you in. As you stroll down the stepping stones that weave seamlessly through the landscape, the subtle murmur of water mingles with the slight rustling of palm fronds gently waving. It leads to an enigmatic water wall that calms your senses, and provides sensory pleasure at the same time.

A world unto itself

Deep in this tranquil wilderness, alluring contrasts abound – soft oasis shade with the glow of the sun, intense green of leaves with the azure of water, nature’s hand with contemporary touches.

Palms @ Sixth Avenue charm your life with a living area beguiling orchestrated in touches of well thought out design and impeccable layouts. Every room is a testament of class and distinctive taste., with the luxurious space furnished in contemporary style. Bask in the beauty and grandeur of a lavishly appointed with more family oriented layouts.