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Kampung Admiralty - "Model For future Public Housing", PM Lee praises

Kampung Admiralty - "Model For future Public Housing", PM Lee praises.

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsein Loong, has announced in the public proudly that Kampung Admiralty is the typical model for public housing in the coming years. As a report, during the celebration of National Day Message, August 08, this announcement was said.


This skyscraper 11-storey development is strategically located in Woodlands showcases, after Admiralty MRT Station. Child care centre, medical and healthcare centre, community park, supermarkets and shops are in the vicinity. Moreover, this development will have 104 HDB units or flats.

Almost all apartments were brought after being marketed for sale of the influential HDB or Housing Development Broad way back July of 2014. Nearly half of the units were placed behind the SPS or Senior Priority Scheme and the Studio Apartment Priority Scheme (SAPS). Both have the vision to provide homes to the veterans or seniors who want to get old in that place and for those who don't want to live far from their parents or married kids.

There are many new launch properties in recent years. However, we don't have many housing development which focuses on veterans/ seniors. So that, this project is the pioneer in Singapore's real estate market. These properties come with senior-friendly features that adapt the basic needs, and fits their lifestyle, such as: indoor drying system for their clothes, non-slip styles, grab bars and retractable outdoor.

"When a person shows concern in terms of lifestyle and cost of living, the said three are inseparable and their topnotch worries. He added the government guarantees that the services it spares are guaranteed world class and affordable"

The government aimed to accomplish in matters like education, healthcare and housing to Singaporeans. And the luxurious Kampung Admiralty is one big example of this, Prime Minister Lee reiterated that.

Assist and support families regulate their lifestyle, extending a helping hand for those who really need it and that this strategy works for 50 years already and proven effective. This is one of the ways to do it. The housing strategies like Kampung Admiralty need to be developed more and be sustained.

"Although the leases need to run many years yet, planning ahead in maintaining older estate is a must, and starting redeveloping it is a good option, so new towns and homes can be built for the future generation" Prime Minister closed by saying that.

Expanding more target customers is the best way to develop the real estate market in Singapore. Besides developing many new launch condo for people who are in the workforce, focusing in the property which is designed for seniors/ veterans is also important, too. In next year and more, this kind of property may become a new trend in the development of Singapore's real estate market.

Adapted from Property Reviews, August 15, 2018