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Grandeur Park Preview in 18th Feb 2017. Launching on 4th March 2017!

Grandeur Park Preview in 18th Feb 2017. Launching on 4th March 2017!.

Grandeur Park Preview in 18th Feb 2017

Balloting Date End Feb 2017
Official Launch on 4th March 2017

2 Brm Classic / Type 2C1-PH

79sm incl 5sqm of bal, 27sqm of void Blk 7 #14-34

ID: 2nd Edition


The concept favors the individualistic lifestyles of younger persons that are creative, hands-on, and are passionate cat owners. We divided the space to fit both comfort and craft with dedicated areas to serve as private workshops. As well as a centrally located lounge with overhead walkways specifically designed for cat.

Living Room and Dining (Communal Space)

- Bold, exciting colors catering to adventurous tastes.
- Distinctive curved furniture to give a unique persona to the space.
- Dark wood paneling for a warm cozy ambient.
- Overhead cat walkway integrated with display shelves allows cats to climb around double volume space.
- Large tinted mirror to highlight and emphasize the luxurious double volume space.
- Simple functional dining area.
- Feature open shelving that creates a continuity into the dressing room.

Lower Deck Dressing Room (Her Space)

- Extended dressing area that also serves as a handicraft workshop.
- Dressing table that features hand crafted jewelry and collection.
- Quiet cozy corner for reading.
- Built in round mirror with vertical cove light on both sides to create mood light for the dressing room.
- Curved and vibrant furniture to harmonize with the living.
- Accent of pastel pink, velvet navy blue and forest green adds vibrancy and fun to the dressing room

Upper Deck Work Studio (His Space):

- The worktable is parallel to the window allowing him to enjoy the view whilst at work.
- Display with lightbox acts as a feature for hand crafted leather items and tools.
- The black linear light above complements long work table.
- Accent tanned leather, sleek dark metal, forest green, walnut wood and a touch of brass details creates a refined look to the space.

Master bedroom

- Floating platform bed in oak woodgrain similar to the oak flooring makes room appear spacious.
- Tall bedhead feature in horizontal oak woodgrain panels complements the oak wood flooring.
- Padded pillows detail adds comfort.
- Tinted mirror above paneling highlights generous high ceiling.
- Accent tanned leather, sleek dark metal, dark turquoise, gunmetal creates a refined look to the space.

3 Brm Classic / Type 3C1

82 sqm incl 9sqm bal Blk 1 #02-12 to #14-1

ID: The ID Dept


The East Coast region is an area of Singapore with significant Peranakan heritage and culture. Grandeur Park's location in historic Tanah Merah gave us the perfect setting to bring these elements in an elegant and modern way into the interior design of this unit. The family unit living in this 3-bedroom unit are a family of four, parents with a young son and a teenage daughter. The owners of the house are modern working individuals with strong ties to their local heritage, hence the unit is designed to reflect the contemporary taste that they have, yet still draw influence from traditional Peranakan and oriental elements in order to create a unique and tasteful apartment. A contemporary mood is set with neutral colours, in warm blacks, whites and greys, with accents of gold to bring in a luxurious atmosphere. Traditional elements appear here and there in a playful manner, such as in the "kopitiam" dining table, and the "lanterns" hanging from the ceiling. A common space in the form of a study has been created adjacent to the living room, creating a way for the family to spend time together though they may be pursuing separate activities. The parents can be working at the study desk while their daughter watches TV in the living room and their son plays in his corner, yet they are all in view of each other and fully within earshot, opening the lines of communication between them.

The girl's bedroom is a haven for a teenage girl to rest and study. A study desk is cantilevered at the foot of her bed, creating an unlikely study area from an otherwise unusable space. Here, she is able to store her books on the cantilevered shelves, as well as her memories with her friends and family under the glass of her desk.

The master bedroom gives the parents of the home a space together to relax, be it by watching TV, or even just enjoying the fresh air from the balcony. Internally, separate spaces have been carved out for both "him" and "her" in the form of separate dressing areas. She has a dresser with storage for her jewellery, makeup and accessories

5 Brm (Private Lift) / Type 5L

135sqm incl 16sqm bal Blk 5, #03-24, #07-24, #11-24, #13-24

ID: Index Design


Mr Cyrus Tan whom inspires young minds and lectures at Temasek Polytechnic Design school for the last 16years. His mentorship has provided young talents to go beyond that expectations and pursue bold fundamentals. His efforts paid off with several alumni’s notable successes, including Miss Clara Yee, Forbes Asia's 30 list of influential people, designer and illustrator.

He and his wife, Mrs Clara Tan, a freelance copywriter, appreciate the finer things in life. He understands the mediocre of hard work and the great attention to details. He knows what his family needs and builds a sanctuary of peace. His wife appreciates her space where she can focus and attend to her professional work when she is not cooking, a favourite hobby of hers.

The home also identifies his success story and acts as an abode for entertaining his esteem guests. As an added addition to space planning, he extended his dining area by doing away an extra bedroom, in order to host occasional dinners for his guest.

Not too empowering, the luxurious feel with contemporary touches also blends in meticulously with the likes of an aspiring teenage daughter, Cami, whom studies at Anglican High School, a 15 minutes’ walk from home. Short commuting time to and from school helps her plan her daily activities which include daily gym and figure skating training sessions, a sport where she represents Singapore.

The young gentleman, Clayton, had just completed his national service and is studying at NUS, School of Design, taking after his father. Being in proximity to the MRT station cuts down his commuting time as his daily activities takes him from Uni to basketball sessions with his friends to language classes at Tanah Merah where he learns French.

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