As if determined by natural law, the world’s major metropolises such as New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Moscow all have spectacular rivers flowing through and embracing them. A river is nature’s gift to each city, a source of life and vitality, flowing with prosperity for the people of the city, spurring development along its banks.

Vinhomes Golden River Site Plan

Facilities @ Vinhomes Golden River

A "City Within A City"

Vinhomes Golden River will continue our tradition as a pioneer of the innovative “city within a city” concept in Ho Chi Minh City. The development will provide its residents with comprehensive facilities at their doorstep.

  • K-12 Vinschool
  • Shophouses, boutique stores, supermarkets, restaurants
  • Ba Son historical museum, historical ship conservation center
  • Parks, flower gardens, footpaths
  • Sports centers, mini golf courses tennis, badminton and basketball courts, swimming pools, Jacuzzi
  • Vinmec Central Park hospital, Vincom Landmark 81 shopping mall, the Riverside Vinhomes Central Park (only 2 minutes’ drive away)
  • The Marina


All apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the ultimate comfort and convenience, as well as energy conservation.

  • Smart-home automation system
  • Central air-conditioning
  • Floor-to-ceiling Low-E glass for heat deflection, light transmission and UV ray protection
  • Solar-powered water heating system
  • European standard water filtering system

Luxurious Interior

Every Vinhomes Golden River apartment is designed with luxurious interiors from global brand names such as Bosch, Hansgrohe and Duravit.

Elegantly Designed

Designed and advised by world-leading experts like EDSA and Gensler (USA), Vinhomes Golden River offers the ideal global-standard living environment.

Secure And Private

Around-the-clock security cameras, manned security booths in each building and mobile patrols ensure ultimate privacy and security for all residents.

First Class Community

Vinhomes Golden River welcomes you to a first class lifestyle and culture community.

Tight-Knit Community

With great emphasis on extra-curricular activities, the Developer aims to build a tight-knit community and a culture environment, making Vinhomes Golden River a nurturing, stable home for families with children.