The Tembusu Site Plan

Sky Link Level 6

Sky Link Level 12

Sky Terrace level 18

The Tembusu Facilities

Delicate threads of nature interweave with the architecture to create an organic, living facade. This way, the landscape is brought even closer to every unit at The Tembusu.

Evergreen tree, evergreen future

The Tembusu is not just about preserving its past. It’s also very much about preserving the future.

It seems only appropriate that a place named after an evergreen tree, should champion an environmentally conscious build, replete with renewable resources.

When it rains at The Tembusu, thoughtfully designed water features to capture and retain the rain water. This gives rise to meandering streams within the lush landscape that ebb and flow, just as you would find in a rainforest.

Nestling your home in a living and ever-changing landscape.

Folowing upwards, the landscape then drapes over two sky links, on levels 6 and 12, for an even more intimate experience with nature. The development promises many quiet, contemplative spaces that afford endless views of the evergreen surrounds, from sunrise to sunset.

All-round fun, all year round, all around your home

The Tembusu promises a bouquet of facilities planted throughout the development. From vibrant pools teeming with life to calming lounges, each offering an oasis of respite.

Whatever the occasion, the recreation, or the company, you would have your pick of the perfect time and place, here at The Tembusu.

Curated interior

For every member of your family tree

Every unit of The Tembusu is designed for every member of your family tree. Consider, if you will, dual-key entry. Now, you and your children may share one roof but you do not have to share the same front door.

This and the myriad of thoughtful touches and considered details make it effortless for you and your loved ones to take root at The Tembusu.