Sea Horizon is the spectacular Executive Condominium of Pasir Ris that is above all else you have ever seen. Residential blocks are placed in a staggered u-formation. opening up the entire development to fully embrace the beauty of the sea. Sea Horizon is also located on elevated ground to maximize the sea views and ensure that nature wafts through every part of your home. And everywhere you look. you will discover the Scandinavian/Nordic design inspirations that make Sea Horizon truly a one of its kind.

Sea Horizon Site Plan

Collecting the finest in seaside living

Sea Horizon boasts of a smorgasbord of luxury facilities set to captivate everyone of any age. With Scandinavian-inspired landscaping, glacial blue pools glide alongside verdant trees with the residential blocks forming the mountainous backdrop. Wander through the gardens and what will you discover? A plaza with facilities dedicated to kids for play and to unleash their creativity. Teppanyaki and barbecue Eco-pavilions that are sure to bring families and friends closer together. Spa pools to rejuvenate one's self at the end of the day. Inviting swimming pools fringed with lounge decks. Unique gardens that reveal their hidden treasures to you...

You can also live it up as luxury takes to the skies in the Sky Clubhouse. An infinity water feature forms a seamless link to the sea and the sky, creating an unforgettable sight to behold. Spend a quiet contemplative moment here to admire the views. Or impress your friends with a nighttime soiree under the stars with the night sea lit by the lights from ships on the horizon.

Immerse your senses in serene sophistication

Postmarked with sea views for nearly every home