Phnom Penh R&F City - Mansion Floor Area

Unit Type Size
Fashion apartment Approx. 54.07 aqm
Self-occupied / Investing Flexible apartment Approx. 78.43 sqm
Classic living apartment Approx. 114.63 sqm
Luxurious comfortable apartment Approx. 129.52 sqm

Phnom Penh R&F City - Mansion Appreciation Of House Types

Fashion apartment
Floor area: Approx. 54.07㎡(One bedroom, living and dining rooms, one washroom)


  • Exquisite apartment, popular house type among international landlords
  • Open kitchen, enjoy pragmatic space together
  • Sightseeing balcony, transparent and day-lighting, leisurely life

Self-occupied / Investing Flexible apartment
Floor area: Approx. 78.43㎡(Two bedrooms, living and dining rooms, one washroom)


  • Delicate layout, better day-lighting and ventilation
  • Connected living and dining rooms, create dynamic line for carefree life
  • Master bedroom with sightseeing bay window, for appreciating outdoor green

Classic living apartment
Floor area: Approx. 114.63㎡(Three bedrooms, living and dining rooms, two washrooms)


  • North-south transparent, bright day-lighting design, comfortable enjoyment
  • Living and dining rooms connecting to the balcony, tow washrooms for hosts and guests, more plenty of living
  • Layout of three bedrooms, large suite of master bedroom, for enjoying quality life

Luxurious comfortable apartment
Floor area: Approx. 129.52㎡(Three bedrooms, living and dining rooms, three washrooms)


  • Structure of noble large space, most suitable for extended family
  • Entry garden design, elegant and comfortable life
  • Suite of double master bedrooms, reflecting nobility and luxury