View at Kismis Site Plan

First Level


1. Drop off Lobby

2. Arrival Court

3. Social Lounge

4. Infinity Pool Deck

5. 25m Lap Pool

6. Waterfall Valley

7. Jet Pool

8. Sanctuary Stream

9. Spa Cave

10. Family Pool

11. Family Deck

12. Aqua Trail

13. Aqua Bed

14. Water Terrace Deck

15. Water Terrace Pavilion

16. Aqua Gym

17. Chill Out Deck

18. Vista Pavilion

19. Meditation Lawn

20. Putting Green

21. Yoga Lawn

22. Glamping Lawn

23. Outdoor Cabana

24. Maze Garden

25. Picnic Lawn

26. Chess Garden

27. Wellness Garden

28. Bicycle Parking Area

29. Canopy Gym

30. The Clubhouse

A. Guard House

B. Bulk Meter

C. Parcel Locker System (Lower Basement)

D. Accessible Toilet

E. Outdoor Shower

Roof Terrace


31. Hilltop Tapas Lounge

32. Fitness Station

33. Stellar Family Lawn

34. Day Bed Lawn

35. Outback Grill Pavilion

36. Champagne Wet Deck

37. Champagne Lounge

38. Champagne Court

39. Swing Garden

40. Vantage Deck

41. Hilltop Grill Pavilion

42. Serenity Lawn

43. Reflexology Spa

44. Bubble Pool

45. The Cellar Pavilion

46. Kids Adventure Play

47. Kids Club Pavilion

48. Star Gazing Lawn

49. Hilltop Gourmet Pavilion

50. Hammock Lawn

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Overall Architecture / Lifestyle Concept

The Architectural site planning for residential development is to create the ambiance of a winery valley. The creative positioning of the buildings on the existing undulating levels result in overlooking views towards the lush landscaping and water elements, which imitates a stream in the valley. The Façade element and color is carefully selected to provide a rustic palate which aims to blend the architecture into the surrounding landscape to create a warm environment.

The introduction of screens at the balcony is not just to provide shielding from sunlight but to also craft an outdoor private space for the residential units. This is to create an indoor and outdoor space experience for the owner to utilize for an everyday lifestyle.

The Roof Terrace creates a picturesque landscape to the development and to promote an outdoor lifestyle with a magnificent view of the landscape.



Landscape Concept

The landscape concept of the development draws the essence of a Tuscany setting intricately detailed and integrated with modern classical architecture, achieving a winning harmony of creating a flamboyant lifestyle in our garden city.

The topography of the site is creatively split into three major levels, with an impressive drop from the highest point and dipping low into various levels, mimicking the effects and overall rigor of a valley. A user would find himself amazed within the sheer mass of the architecture, however, we aim to allow the project to achieve a combination of natural contrast using stones and planting.

A European style living is exuded from the rustic colours of the palate, with significant details plucked from the Tuscany setting and inserted with great care to form a peaceful sense of being that is synonymous with valleys and wine yards.


Where there is an activity to suit every mood


Where the surrounding environment evokes a sense of calm

Recreational Facilities / Unique Features

An array of facilities is introduced on the landscape deck, where all walks of life are invited to peruse and enjoy the space. People can indulge in swimming in the clear waters, and even partake in a leisurely activity like lounging along the pool, with a stupendous view in front of them. This conscious strategy elevates the residents, allowing them to view down as though as they’re amidst the highest point in the valley.

1st Storey: A 25m lap pool is situated within the mid-tier, the prominence and the lofty location creates a changing play of light and shadow, this transparent volume reinstates the delicacy of crafted landscape spaces that will surprise and delight the robust language combination between architecture and landscape.

For those who want to work on their body and mind tranquility can retreat to the health and wellness zone at the perimeter. There will be mediation decks for both mediation and yoga. Timber will line the place, and the use of both wood and water will be carefully welded to provide a balanced and quiet place for both the senses and the mind.

Roof Terrace: Moving up to the Roof Terrace, the ambitious part of this area is to create dining in different but equally powerful settings. The design is composed with an intimate scale, allowing pockets of spaces to provide a sense of order that unifies both exterior and interior.

Crucial facilities like grill and BBQ stations with shallow spa pools are completely immersed within this area, placing occupants at a level of mingling around the dictated placement of pools and other amenities to maximize the usage within this development.



Where everyday should begin and end on a happy note

Inspired by the style of modern Tuscany, View at Kismis exudes a charm of its own. Retreat into your own home surrounded by rustic charm and be lavished with 50 facilities within the development — each crafted to evoke intimacy and tranquility. Seated within an enclave of landed houses, View at Kismis is set against a backdrop of nature for all who are in pursuit of their very own exclusive getaway.



"where space plays a role in creating lasting relationships
where different vantage points can help create new bonds"



and where all of life’s elements are enjoyed in their fullness





Home is where you come to enjoy the serenity of standing still

A carefully selected mix of walnut and stone to highlight the rustic beauty of a vineyard. Each unit is designed to conjure the warm sun and wood tones.


"It is where beautiful finishings ensure home is always pleasant"