Kaleido Condo Site Plan

Kaleido Condo Facilities


Nestled deep inside Telok Kurau and lusciously surrounded by the verdant greenery of park connectors, Kaleido exudes an air of peaceful tranquillity. Feel refreshed and renewed at this locale where calm serenity sets the tone for peaceful living. The soothing sounds of nature at your doorstep create an air of inviting privacy that you will infinitely treasure.


Uniquely designed for multi-generational living, Kaleido is both versatile and functional. The spaces within provide ample area for fluidity in movement, with plenty of cozy corners to mingle and wind down.

Create a unified look and feel for all levels or artfully shape each level with a different interior design. With elevators that access every level of your residence, you may create your own personal studio pad for every floor.


Savor your personal space at every level with sufficient room for everyday living and activities. Designed with mobility in mind, Kaleido’s meticulously allocated space fosters intimate conversation and creative development among your family.

Its roominess is ideal for both moving freely as an individual and hosting entire family gatherings. You are always close to your loved ones yet never far from your inner sanctuary.

Quality workmanship

Place your trust in the brilliant execution of this well-planned development meticulously built for multi-generational living under one roof.


Be proud to pass this residence to future generations with the knowledge that it has been built responsibly with sustainable green materials. This is a lasting heirloom of the highest order that imbibes a rich heritage and legacy for your descendants. This development will be certified BCA Green Mark for its environmentally sustainable design.

It is a benchmarking scheme which aims to achieve a sustainable built environment by incorporating best practices in environmental design and construction, and the adoption of green building technologies.

Family friend facilities

Enjoy quiet moments or family bonding time at the family-friendly courtyard. Sit down at the classic quarry stone tables for a friendly game of chess, or make use of the accessible multi-purpose track within the compound which ensures convenience and safety for you and your family.

In addition, there is a waiting bay situated underground for school buses to pick-up and drop-off school children safely and efficiently within the sheltered compound.

Universal design

Kaleido captures the spirit of universal design, which is all about designing the built environment to be both aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone.

Features around the estate are just some of the barrier-free and universal design philosophy.

Quality Fittings

Modern comforts blend brilliantly with both traditional and contemporary decor accents in Kaleido. Exceptional finishing and craftsmanship are evident throughout the decor, with brand-name kitchen appliances and inbuilt cabinets.

Quality brands ensure that vital appliances and sanitary wares withstand the demanding schedules of daily living.