John Cabot House Site Plan

John Cabot Facilities

Residents of John Cabot House will enjoy the benefit of top-notch Facilities of Royal Wharf. 20000 sqft of Leisure Space by David Morley Architects will make you feeling Good, Inside and Out. Alongside the Riverside Park, just behind Mariner’s Quarter, will be a world-class leisure and fitness centre, fully equipped to meet the varying needs of residents. This glossy gym and fitness facility will surpass your expectations, with beautiful design making working out a pleasure, not a chore.

A healthy landscape

Beyond the leisure centre itself, the landscape of Royal Wharf provides fantastic opportunities to support everyone’s wellbeing. Its position by the park means the leisure centre’s expert staff will be able to take lessons and training beyond the four walls and into the outdoors. From yoga sessions under the trees to circuit training around the lawns, the park is an ideal space for sports and exercise.

Everyday Essentials to Little Luxuries

Neighbourhoods are more than collections of homes. They also depend on a strong, varied mix of services and amenities – from a corner shop where you can buy milk and newspapers to restaurants, bars and leisure and fitness services.

Royal Wharf will have everything a thriving village needs. But this will be no bland, generic urban centre. We’re creating opportunities for a variety of independent stores and bespoke services that will add texture and vitality to the whole development.