Goodwood Grand Site Plan

10th StoreyStorey

Goodwood Grand Facilities

Making your entrance a refreshing one

From the Green Trellis at the Arrival Courtyard to the GrandWalkay leading you to wonderfully manicured landscapes with the prime state, Goodwood Grand presents a plethora of breathtaking facilities that are hard to ignore. Step in and discover your refreshing and relaxing new abode of elegance and tranquillity.

Naturally Stunning

Towering over the surrounding foliage, the Tower features a seamless integration of clean lines and vertical elements, extending from ground to sky. Together with a beautiful lush sky terrace, the Tower showcases architecture inspired by nature and its green habitat. The eight Strata Bungalows lend an extra touch of prestige and splendour to Goodwood Grand.

Luxuries to pamper your every sense

Immerse in the cool Infinity Lap Pool, or simply unwind to the rhythmic splashes and charming lights at the Reflective Pond. Add rejuvenation to your already fabulous lifestyle. Rendezvous by the Verdant Garden Walk or treat yourself to rest and relaxation by the lounges at the Sun Deck. At Goodwood grand, pampering is certainly a daily affair.

Revel in awe-inspiring grandeur

Each Strata Bungalow is an exquisite masterpiece featuring five levels of living space including a spacious living room, double volume dining room and gourmet kitchen that link effortlessly to a private lift, 2 basement parking lots and a roof terrace overlooking Goodwood Grand's tranquil environment and Goodwood Hill.

The higher you go, the more beautiful it is

With spectacular views of Goodwood Hill and the city, the Sky Terrace on the 10th floor of the Tower features an idyllic setting that will surely awe and inspire.

A relaxing Stepping lawn, tantalising BBQ Partio, fun Children's Play Zone and even an enchanting Meditation Corner provide beautiful respite from your everyday cares.

Enchanting recipes to entice discerning palates

Choose from a tantalising spread of elegantly designed Suites in the Immaculate Tower and eight magnificent multi-leveled Strata Bungalow, all guaranteed to please.

A verdant sanctuary amidst the clouds

Inside the Tower, indulge in luxury as your spacious home combines elegance, natural light and comforting hues to provide the perfect balance of nature and contemporary living.

When the time comes, retreat to your luxurious nest

At day's end, retreat to your very own sanctuary where respite at its most intimate awaits to greet and pamper you.

Sumptuousness on a completely different level

Designed to redefine luxury living, the Strata Bungalow presents a unique combination of sophistication and functionality you will definitely appreciate.