Bliss @ Kovan Site Plan

Bliss @ Kovan Facilities

Taming The Wind Above.

The Wind embodies a nature of renewal and invigoration, an arrival of hope and a breath of soothing energy. Be greeted by a gentle, soothing breeze.

From the moment you set foot into Bliss@Kovan, right to your doorstep. Sweeping the fleeting winds down from the skies above, uniquely designed trellises sprawling over the roof terrace provide a steady stream of air through the residence – breathing new life, new beginnings.

And like a tree’s canopy, it also shades away from the sun – transforming the idyllic green landscape into a cool, microclimate environment that is yours to take in, with every breath, every single day. Ever so inviting, ever so uplifting, this is where home is. And you have arrived.

Escape into your world. It’s all yours to enjoy at Bliss@Kovan. Take a refreshing swim, a relaxing massage or just bask under the shade amid serene greenery.

Pump up your adrenaline in the state-of the- art gym, or spend quality time with friends and family at the outdoor dining pavilion while watching the kids play at the playground. This is how life should be – having it your way, every day.

Chiselled to Complement Nature.

Earth symbolizes a resoluteness of matter, a wilful magnificence to thrive, and a dominance to fulfil its sole purpose: to create. Everything you find at Bliss@Kovan has a purpose.

From the well-positioned north-south facing housing block, and the finely crafted landscape adorned with plush trees and gardens, to the vertical green wall and rainwater harvesting features.

Every single architectural detail is carefully thought out and integrated to create a conducive, sustainable environment – where both you and nature can grow and flourish in perfect harmony, in one dynamic ecosystem. Spend your days in the embrace of nature; swoon over its arresting beauty and tranquility and uncover a more profound experience and love, for life.

The Spaces Between.

Space manifests the possibilities of discovery, of creating, and of an inventiveness to fill environments with purpose. Where you’ll always find room to grow, inspire and live.

Welcome. To a whole new dimension of living. Where the essence of space is defi ned by seamless fluidity, well-appointed interiors and abundant natural lighting.

But a place where every detail, from the high ceilings – up to 4m for penthouse units, down to natural marble and timber floorings; from the ingeniously designed kitchen, living, dining areas to the cosy bedrooms and balcony – is created to redefine the way you and your family members experience and interact with personal living spaces. Bringing about a heightened sense of belonging, warmth and closeness. This is how home should feel like.

A Wellspring of Life’s Simple Joys.

Water conveys the purest essence of connectedness, a restoration of passions, and the source of power and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in a plethora of essential facilities. Your journey into the plentiful life begins with an ever-flowing choice of indulgences.

An oasis for the mind, body and soul to recharge, replenish and renew its energies, here you will find a range of top-class facilities and recreational areas, all meticulously put together for your picking. Be it a quiet spot to collect your thoughts, a gathering place for a cherished few, or a pit stop to invigorate your senses, there’s always an abundance of life’s simple luxuries to relish. Your sanctuary of wellness awaits. Go on, soak it all in.

Imagine a home built with you and the environment in mind. A place with green innovative features that improve energy and water efficiencies, protect and care for the eco-system, and preserves all that you hold dear. Such a place has been conferred the internationally renowned BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award. And this place is Bliss@Kovan.

Think of home as more than a freehold residence of 140 exclusive units quietly tucked away in a mature private estate in northeast Singapore. Think of it as a biotope of possibilities – a place where nature inspires the way you live and nurtures your very well being. Here you are one, with all that surrounds you.