121 Collection On Whitley is developed by a consortium consisting of Heeton Holdings Limited, KSH Holdings Limited, ZAP Piling Pte Ltd and Raffles Asia.

121 Collection On Whitley Developer

KSH Holdings Limited

KSH is a well established construction, property development and property management group with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and the PRC.

KSH act as main contractors in construction projects for private and public sector customers in Singapore and for private sector customers in Malaysia. Their construction businesses in Singapore and Malaysia are carried on by their wholly-owned subsidiary, KSHEC, and their wholly-owned Malaysian subsidiary, Techpath, respectively. Their clients typically include property developers, land owners and governmental bodies.

The Group has two property developments in the PRC, one being Tianxing Riverfront Square in Tianjin, which was developed by their subsidiary, Tianjin Tian Xing Real Estate, and the other being Liang Jing Ming Ju in Beijing, which was developed by their associated company, Jin Hua Tong Da. KSH Holdings also has a property management arm that manages Tianxing Riverfront Square. Their property management business in the PRC is undertaken by their subsidiary, Tianjin Tian Xing Property Management.

ZAP Piling Pte Ltd

ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in 1989 with core businesses in Pile Foundation and Civil Engineering Works across a diverse range of building and construction projects. Since then, ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd has continued to explore the new development and enhance programs to meet the changing needs of their clients and society so as to be always in line with the contemporary trends. The company has reaped a bounty of awards from all of these efforts. For years, Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. had proven itself as a distinguished part of Singapore’s crème de la crème SME’s, whereby its ranked within Singapore’s Most Successful Small and Medium Enterprises based on the Annual Financial Performance criterion. The company has improved its competitive positioning, performance and service level by utilizing its business performance management through strength and commitment. ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd outstanding achievement has been acknowledged and listed in the Singapore’s Top 100 Small and Medium Enterprises.

ZAP Piling Pte Ltd is also involved in other joint ventures in property development are as follows.

Heeton Holdings Limited

Heeton Holdings was established in 1976, as a private company engaged in the ownership, lease and operation of wet markets and retail outlets as well as the development of small to medium-sized property projects. Heeton became a public listed company in September 2003.

Since its formation, the company has been renowned for its unique property developments aimed at the discerning home-buyers as well as favourable returns from its retail and wet market operations.

Their leadership and niche business focus in the key business segment of retail and wet market operations creates strategic long-term strengths as well as future growth opportunities for the company.

Similarly, Heeton’s property developments are focused on quality and characterized by their unique architectural features alongside high construction standards.

By building on its key strengths, niche focus and positioning, Heeton is well placed in its pursuit of continued success, consistent operational excellence and outstanding financial performance guided by the farsighted and flexible management team.

Lian Beng Group Ltd

Established in 1973, Lian Beng Group is one of Singapore’s major home-grown building construction groups with integrated civil engineering and construction support service capabilities. The Group is principally involved in the construction of residential, industrial and commercial projects, and civil engineering projects as the main contractor.

Lian Beng’s status with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) as an A1 grade contractor in General Building enables it to tender for public sector building projects of unlimited contract value, while its A2 grade in Civil Engineering allows it to handle engineering projects of up to $85 million in contract value. Through its years of experience and solid track record, the Group has also established itself a solid reputation for its ability to handle large-scale and complex projects.

Beyond construction, Lian Beng is also engaged in other construction-related activities. These include the provision scaffolding and engineering services, supply of ready-mix concrete, leasing of equipment and machinery, reinforcement bar fabrication and training of foreign construction labor. The Group also engages in property development, albeit on an opportunistic basis, and usually with joint-venture partners.

The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange in 1999. Other developments include Ola Residences while the rest of Lian Beng joint ventures in property development are as follows.